Reegin Maki

Reegin Maki, Buyer Agent

I grew up in North West BC and have been living in Edmonton for 5 years now. I recently graduated from The Leder School of Business with a Bachelor of Commerce. During my time at university I played varsity basketball. This played a huge part in developing my competitive spirit. Now that I no longer have athletics as an outlet for competition, I am now channeling my competitive spirit into Real Estate and Business. It is because of this that I joined Match Team. I saw the same ambition in Eireann that I was raised to have. 

Growing up my dad taught me how important it is to have a strong work ethic while my mom was always there to remind me to stay humble with a kind heart. I knew instantly that Eireann shared the same values of working incredibly hard while also focusing on serving others.

I have big goals for the future and I know the only way I will achieve them is if I do my best to serve others. Because of my passion for real estate, in the future I plan on creating a real estate investment company that focuses on syndicating multifamily deals. In addition to this I want to educate people about real estate and help them with their own investing.